【Dog Walker】
For people that are busy at work
Dog Walking Service

What if I often get temporary overtime or long working hour and can’t find anyone to take care of? What if my dog has barking problems, separation anxiety, or even demolition problems but I can’t find experienced people to walk the dog?

 Whether your demand is temporary or for a long duration of time, we offered the most professional dog walking service. Your dog can still go out and walk in a pleasant mood.

We already serve over 3000+families with pet

What services do the dog walker offered?

Fun and Safe Walk

We will make sure your dog gets healthy both mentally and physically by letting them fully exercises and regularly smell objects.

Regular updates

We make sure that you will see exactly how much fun your dog is having on their walk with updates and pictures. We even report back our walking routes using the GPS.

Happy and Clean on Return

You can see your dog comes back settled and happy, ready to give you a big hug.

Full insurance coverage

Using the Cathay Life Insurance Company, we make sure your dog has casualty insurance when they undergo an accident. You can also get all of your money back if you are not satisfied with the services.

Owners’ Reviews?

 (Over 2982 5 stars)


The pet sitter I meet is called Xiaoxi. After getting acquainted with each other, he skillfully took my dog out for a walk and successfully fed it. He also cleaned the Pawtect Pads and sprayed them with deodorant spray. He will notify me when he enters my house and when he goes out, which is very reassuring. From the photos and messages, he send to us while he walk the dog, it can be seen that Xiaoxi really loves animals💗


Mumu Ma has given our family a lot of help and support in the past year or so. Our pet has a cancer issue, so it needs a lot of the caring process involved. However, Mu Mu Ma was very able to meet our needs: whether the daily care, walking, playing, or the medical treatment that the dog needs, she always can do the best job and made us feel at ease with her. Mumu Ma’s positive education on animals impressed me; she can also cooperate with the original habits of dogs so that our dog can quickly establish a good interaction and deep friendship with her. She is a very recommended pet sitter 👍!


My dog is very clingy so thank Ying Ru for walking her with passion and love, taking beautiful photos, and helping to clean her butt and feet when she gets home. A great nanny for pets!!. 👍👍👍

Chen Juan is very patient and caring for the dog. She uses positive training to guide the dog, pays great attention to safety while walking, lets the dog smell at ease, and at the same time slowly corrects the bad habits of the dog in the process (such as pulling the leash, barking at people, afraid of walking, etc.). My dog was afraid of walking, and always tremble when going out. Now it is getting better and better. I am really happy about that, so I really recommend Chen Juan!


I choose the pet trainer, Bruce, as my pet sitter because of the large breed god in my house and it was unexpectedly good. Bruce is very professional and patient, and he will always report the real-time status and walking path of the pet. He is willing to cooperate and discuss the needs with the me as a owner, and he will also play with the pet with toys👍! If there are ten stars, I will give ten 🐶!


The pet sitter treated my pet nicely and kindly! It’s really nice to have someone to help take him out for a run during overtime 😊😊😊